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iCanOrder provides easy 'self-serve' online access to your inventory. Reduce costs and obsolescence, by using physical and virtual (POD) inventory, combined with detailed reporting. The system allows you to customize marketing collateral, proof, order and track online.


  • 'Self-Serve': Easy web-based access with secure password protected login. Administrators can establish user access privileges to all or selected inventory. Search, select and customize collateral in minutes.

  • Virtual Inventory Option: No investment in inventory. New items or updates can be immediately available for ordering, no waiting for print production, getting you to market faster.

  • Customization: Online customizing allows content to be targeted and more relevant and provides options for co-branding. Content can be  pre-populated based on user or select preapproved content or keystroke information in free form fields. Approved users can upload logos or photos.

  • iCanReports: Check any item stock or status online to determine balance in inventory and usage. Reports include: Stock Status, Distribution, Performance Turnaround, Zero Activity and custom reports by request.

  • Order Tracking & History: Users can check order status online 24/7 and receive an Order and Shipping eConfirmation with a courier tracking number. View order history, and repeat or modify past orders.

  • Kitting Fulfillment: Eliminate manual kitting with prekitting or create a virtual library of kits to be produced as ordered.

  • Secure Storage: Secure areas for items with high dollar value or special security requirements (e.g. promotional, gift cards, cheques). Monitored and controlled fulfillment procedures.

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