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iCanOrder provides easy 'self-serve' online access to your inventory, Reduce costs and obsolescence, by using physical and virtual (POD) inventory, combined with detailed reporting. The system allows you to customize marketing collateral, proof, order and track online.


'Self-serve' administration capabilities to facilitate the distribution of documents across multiple delivery channels based on customer preferences. Automated alternative delivery channel eNotification bounce-backs. Reduce postage and printing expenses while providing clients a choice of secure ePresentment for their documents.

iLibrary with iCanUpdate

iLibrary centralizes the location where all your documents are stored and managed, including forms, compliance documents and marketing material. Provides easy 'self-serve' access to both PDF and source files, and streamlines the updating process to improve efficiency, track changes and maintain version control.

iControl Zone

Scalable 'self-serve' solution to streamline the fulfillment process, while increasing control and reducing administration expenses. Manage document content and distribution across multiple delivery channels, including ePresentment. View online 'Job Status', Control Reports and compliance verification.

intelligent eForms

Easy-to-use 'self-serve' secure online solution for completing forms. Embedded logic minimizes human errors, eliminates duplicate keystroking and ensures forms are completed correctly. It reduces administration expenses, improves accuracy and document control, while offering improved workflow and a better user experience.

Direct Marketing Campaigns

With our integrated direct marketing campaigns, you can use what you know about your target audience to speak one-to-one to your clients and prospects using data driven communications that will not only build relationships and brand loyalty, but will also increase response rates and improve your overall results.

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