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iControl Zones

Scalable 'self-serve' solution to streamline the fulfillment process, while increasing control and reducing administration expenses. Manage financial document content and distribution across multiple delivery channels, including ePresentment. View online 'Job Status', Control Reports and compliance verification.


  • 'Self-Serve': Administrators can access online job profiles to easily and accurately configure job processing including, changing messages or headers or adding an insert to a client package. Client services have access to archive copies online for easy reference.

  • PDF Proofing / Quality Control: Use a secure test environment to process and generate samples to proof in PDF format. Reduce time to market by testing changes yourself. 

  • Job Tracking: Track your jobs online to see the progress. Stay on top of your programs with our Automated Alerts & Notifications to let you know when a job is processed or delivered, if there is an error or when the PDF archive files are ready for pick up. 

  • Reconciliation & Reports: Monitor specific services provided including volume of communications, number of impressions with easy to understand reporting and invoicing. Access Control Reports for verification, PDFs and/or Archive Files, Statement of Mailing and track Turnaround.

  • Document Design: Our in-house design and production facilities create statements and confirmations that reflect your brand, and are easy to read and understand, for better client experience and to reduce calls to client services. 

  • Marketing: Message content can be managed and inserted to targeted clients within your database to increase sales. Include sales person specific information gathered and kept in the iControl Zone to reinforce their brand, increase client retention and help differentiate themselves in the marketplace. 

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