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ePresentment with iControl Zone. 'Self-serve' administration capabilities to facilitate the distribution of documents across multiple delivery channels based on customer preferences. Automated alternative delivery channel eNotification bounce-backs. Reduce postage and printing expenses while providing clients a choice of secure ePresentment for their documents.


  • Easy Onboarding Process: Secure registration using personal identity information, password and security questions. An activation link is sent to a client's email and registration is complete with CASL compliance trail of explicit consent for your company records.

  • Password Administration: Easy online password management access for your Client Services Team to assist clients with access issues and/or locked-out accounts.

  • 'Self-Serve': Clients can choose and manage their own preferences by document on an individual basis for ePresentment, mail or both.

  • eNotification: Registered clients will receive automated customized eNotification after a document is posted. Customized features of eNotification: Message, logo, 1-800 service number, advisor name and contact information.

  • Bounce-back Management: Minimize compliance risk. System can automatically mail out documents from eNotification bounce-backs. Bounce-back reports are generated to confirm the correct information or preference for delivery.

  • Marketing: Upload targeting messages and marketing information to help build your brand, upsell/cross sell products & services to clients, based on profiling individuals.

  • Reports & Tracking: The iControl Zone provides online access to delivery information, stores and manages compliance trail for explicit ePresentment consent, bounce-back and marketing link click through reports.

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