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with iCanUpdate capabilities

iLibrary centralizes the location where all your documents are stored and managed, including forms, compliance documents and marketing material. Provides easy 'self-serve' access to both PDF and source files, and streamlines the updating process to improve efficiency, track changes and maintain version control.


  • Centralized Library: For all current and historical documents, forms and marketing material, combined with search functionality, reducing time and stress locating documents. Easy web-based access and secure password protected login to your confidential documents.

  • 'Self-Serve': Administrators can add, edit and delete documents in the library, and set up user access privileges. i.e. viewing, editing and/or deleting of documents, preventing unauthorized use of the library.

  • iCanUpdate and Tracking: The system allows selected users to upload edits to the library and tracks all changes by date and user. The original source document is updated, and a PDF proof is uploaded to the library for review.

  • Automatic Proof Notifications: Ensures immediate user and stakeholder(s) notification when edit requests are completed and a proof is uploaded for review, increasing efficiency and improving workflow.

  • Version Control: The latest version and date is identified on each document record. When changes are made and approved, the version is automatically replaced with updates. Publish immediately or set a future publish date.

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