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iCanMarket is a self-serve platform that brings together digital asset management, content management, and data integration to support sales enablement. Make it fast and simple for your sales team to access all "pre-approved" marketing support and eliminate the manual co-ordination of marketing teams.


  • Simple UI Platform: Built with simple UI and a shopping like experience that allows users to find, view and retrieve assets simply and quickly.

  • Robust Content Management: A mechanism to deliver a consistent brand message and control. Unlimited content capacity and format types can be supported.

  • Customization: Users can easily select images and copy options from approved content to target different markets, products or services.

  • Easy Implementation: Faster to market than custom development with no reliance on internal IT resources.

  • QR Code Integration: Drive your print to digital to customer journey with easy interactions, capturing responses, and measuring campaign effectiveness.

  • Support Future Expansion: Create more customized digital assets to align with business needs. Fully integrated with Informco's production facilities.

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