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Our new and improved platform gives you  access to approved regulatory insurance documents. Subscribe to the standard forms you need based on Province/Territory or Product Line - Automobile, Property or Miscellaneous. Reduce your updating costs and risk, with access to unprotected and fillable PDFs.


  • New & Improved Platform: Easy to navigate online platform with a new look and form display (thumbnails) to download and view the forms you need. We have developed a better interface, making it easier to search and locate forms.

  • Unprotected non-watermarked PDFs: Download and make formatting changes to unprotected PDFs. Reduce risks of keystroking. Make changes to your library faster and easier, getting it to market more efficiently.

  • Automobile, Property & Miscellaneous Insurance Wordings: All insurance available for subscription with individual secure logins.

  • Search Capabilities: Different search capabilities, keyword search to search for specific form numbers or provinces. And a category list to narrow your form searches.

  • Fillable PDFs: Fillable PDF options available with your subscription. Streamline the process for updating policy documents. 

  • Branding / Add your logo: Have all your forms branded with your logo, getting your forms to market faster.

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